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We work hard to support the meaningful choices our customers make, that is why we evaluate and discuss annual test plot data with every single Kunerth Seed Center customer. Helping our customers make informed decisions is just one the of the many critical steps we take here at Kunerth Seed Center – it's how we deliver on our promise of being a knowledgeable and trusted resource. Below are results from some of our 2016 test plots and we think you will find this information worth a close look. This data should prove helpful as you think about future growing seasons. As always, please feel free to call us or stop by for a visit so we can discuss what this test plot data means to your operation.

DKC Corn

DC Corn Plot Photo 309x190

Kunerth Seed Center Test Plot Report 2016: Download Now

2016 Plot Information:  Download Now

AG Beans

AG Plot photo 309x190Kunerth Seed Center Test Plot Report 2016:  Download Now.

2016 Plot Information: Download Now


Stine Beans

Stine Roundup Ready


Stine Liberty Link

ABM Field Trials

ABM_plot photo 309x190

Kunerth Seed Center SabrEx Test Plot 2014: Download Now




DKC Corn Charts

mid corn chartMN - West Market - Development Summary Report 2016:  MD Balance Summary

MN - West Market-Development Summary Report 2016: Late Balance Summary 


AG Soybean Charts

mid soybean chartMN - Mid Soybean - Balanced Summary Report 2016: MD Balance Summary

MN - Late Soybean - Balanced Summary Report - 2016: Late Balance Summary


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