Corn and Soybean Trials

Scan0004Our local FTN trials are replicated throughout the area. This is an excellent tool for products to use when evaluating new hybrids and soybean varieties amoungst the competitors.

Crop Scouting/Updates

Scan0004 Agronomy updates throughout the growing season. These are shared in our newsletters and our weekly Ag. updates on U.S. Country 95.1 FM. We also go out and walk fields periodically identifying questions at hand.

Field Mapping

Scan0004 Integrated Precision Planting IFS Equipment that we service and sell. Also working with a local Field Scripts Agency.

Grower Meetings

Scan0004 Quarterly grower meetings focusing on Agronomic topics, grain marketing, Precision Planting and Customer Appreciation.


incoluant photoThe leader in technology providing enhanced root mass, nutrient uptake and superior yield advantages.
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Planter Calibrations and Setup

Annual meter and planter inspections and auxiliary components offered as we strive to provide the latest technology available. Details in the seed.

Product Consulting

Scan0004 An informal overview of Seed Products and an extension of other services that provide a better understanding of products that go beyond the seed to customize our needs specifically for your acres.

Seed Delivery

Scan0004 We offer an on the farm delivery securing your seed needs prior to the busy planting season.

Seed Treatments

services_seed_treatment We originate a custom blend of Acceleron Seed Soybean treatment that protects and enhances plant performance.

Yield Checks

services_yield_checks Harvest data computations by securing data from Combine calibrations and our weigh wagon service. We furnish a harvest summary of trials grown locally to review and formulate product decisions in the future.

Seed Financing

services_financing_imageWe offer in-house financing at a very competitive rate that allows growers to secure their seed needs and early pay cash options.

Drone Mapping

Scan0004 We are presently contracting acres for Spring and Summer field map applications on an as-needed basis to gather informative, detailed and timely illustrations.