Asgrow_345x230High Yield Management. Perfected.

Planting is one thing. Performance is everything. That's why Asgrow® and Kunerth Seed Center are dedicated to improving soybean success by utilizing the Asgrow® 4P System: Plan. Plant. Protect. Perform. To learn more about Asgrow, contact with your Kunerth Seed Center representative.

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dekalb_345x230Count on DEKALB for superior performance.

DEKALB® has represents outstanding yield potential, and farmers using DEKALB experiencing better performance on their operations year after year. It’s more than just innovative products – DEKALB farmers get a first-hand look at the latest agronomic services and techniques to help increase production on every acre. To learn more about DEKALB talk with your Kunerth Seed Center representative.

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stine_345x230Stine Has Yield.

For over three decades, Stine Seed Company has been changing the face of agriculture. From industry-leading soybeans, to a unique line of high-performance seed corn, and on through to our unique approach to the science of seed, Stine continues to deliver on the Stine Has Yield promise. To learn more about Stine talk with your Kunerth Seed Center representative.

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climate_345x230Better Data. Better Decisions.

The Climate Corporation’s technology platform combines hyper-local weather monitoring, agronomic data modeling, and high-resolution weather simulations to deliver, a solution that helps farmers improve their profits by making informed operating and financing decisions. Contact your Kunerth Seed Center representative to learn more about The Climate Corporation.

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Growing Profits With Sustainable Solutions.

Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) provides solutions for commercial agriculture by identifying, developing, manufacturing and marketing biological products globally for crop production, institutional sanitation and environmental waste management. To learn more about ABM, talk with your Kunerth Seed Center representative.

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enviropacProducts For A Better Environment.

Enviropac, Inc. supplies products to the agricultural and industrial industries that help meet the challenges of today's environmental requirements. In addition to Storage Tanks & Containment Systems supplied by Enviropac, Inc., we manufacture a complete line of Seed Treaters for both dry and liquid products. To learn more talk with your Kunerth Seed Center representative.

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Acceleron_345x230Emerge Strong. Yield Strong.

Acceleron® helps farmers maximize the performance potential of the seed and traits they plant right from the start. The seed treatment is an option for grower that is applied to the seed to complement Monsanto’s latest seed and trait products. To learn more about Acceleron, talk with your Kunerth Seed Center representative.

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meridian_345-230 The Storage and Handling Experts.

Meridian Manufacturing Inc. is all about solving issues with technology and a commitment to the highest quality. Meridian helps framers move and store a wide variety of commodity products. They design products to make a job easier and safer, while saving time and allowing farmers to capture valuable market opportunities. Talk with your Kunerth Seed Center representative to learn more.

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Precision_345x230Seed. Placement. Experts.

Spacing? Depth? Speed? Residue? Seedbed? Which problem is costing you the most? Look to Precision Planting and uncover the cost of poor planter performance. Kunerth Seed Center helps customers with monitoring systems like FieldView 20/20 and  SeedSense; Germination tools like Cleansweep and Singulation tools like eSet. To learn more contact Kunerth Seed Center today.

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Browse the Asgrow and DEKALB products that are tailored to fit our specific geography and then create, store, email and print a guide that is customized for your needs. Or, just contact Kunerth Seed Center and we would be happy to work with you to identify some great products for your farm.

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Looking for harvest results and yield information for the leading products in our area? Turn to agAhead® for valuable and up to data including:

Yield Map – Search yield results by corn and soybeans, or by location to view local yields in your area with our interactive yield map that features individual plot results across the United States.

Third-Party Plot Reports – The third-party plot reports page provides links to independent and university performance trials.

Summary Yield Reports – Search by Zip Code to find a summary of yield results in your area.

Asgrow® Success Stories – Farmers have relied on Asgrow® brand soybeans for consistent, high yielding performance since 1979.

DEKALB® Success Stories – For over 100 years, DEKALB® brand has been delivering industry-leading performance.

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Your best source for agronomic advice, agAnytime provides the crop news you need to be informed and some of the best tools to help your farm work even harder. Visit agAnytime today and review agronomic advice from Asgrow and DEKALB experts.

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Get all the markets, weather, news and agronomic advice you want, in one quick-to-read dashboard. Receive push notifications customized to your location and crop portfolio to keep up with changes in commodity pricing and insect alerts. agIndex turns your smartphone or tablet into a complete agronomic information source, so you can stay fully informed while in the field or on the road.

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