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Growth Stages in Corn and Soybean

Attached are three documents that will help you to better understand the different growth stages in both corn and soybeans. The first document shows early development both corn and beans. The second document talks about the growth stages in corn and soybeans throughout the whole season. It also talks about plant stand and other useful…
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Application Reminders for Roundup Brand Herbicides

Roundup® brand agricultural herbicides need to be absorbed on the plant, in the plant, and throughout the plant for good weed control. Absorption and translocation can be affected by weather conditions, mechanical injury, and insect damage. The right rate is determined by the largest weed or the most difficult to control weed in a field.…
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Assessing Flood Damage to Soybeans

Are you looking to assess flood damage relating to your soybean crop. This is a document that I received and I think you might find helpful. Cool Bean Advisor: Flood Damage To Soybean PDF
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